1. No headboard… trying to get some inspiration for my new apartment

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    Green and white toile bedroom by Meg Braff takes advantage of the eaves in the upstairs of this home. Striped drapes add another layer of pattern and prevents the tile from being overwhelming. Lovely green velvet tufted bench at the foot of the brown bamboo bed is topped with matching monogrammed pillows. 

  4. sleeping nook. bring me here now. even the sheets look so soft

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  5. Ana Beatriz for Vogue Spain

  6. nom nom nom

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  7. this is so perfect.  Even has an M over the bed!!

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    “O! It’s nice to get up in the morning. But it’s nicer to stay in bed.” -Harry Lauder

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    Natalia Vodianova by Mario Testino for Vogue Nov 2008 

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  11. interesting choice for different colored walls

    love the head boards & giant mirror

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